HUG substantially deviates from any other good or service produced before.
HUG Vortex for Hydro Power

HUG Vortex for Hydro Power

The HUG Vortex Energy Solution

Velocity is King. In the streamline flow of a river or rapids, the HUG captures the energy of  a VORTEX, which produces hydro power that can offer a house 2.5 kW electricity FREE of annual costs.

The VORTEX is the same whirlpool effect that you observe when water leaves your bathtub. It is caused by the rotation of the earth. Water does not want to move in straight lines; it wants to move in a laminar flow: one molecule following the other.  These molecules of water travel twice as far in a spiral pipeline,   These molecules speed up in order to catch up with the affluent flow of the river. Laminar flow means that there is no friction, so the velocity of the flow increases to as much as 4 times. 

HUG laminar flow

Laminar flow also means that the water never touches the inside its pipeline. A boundary layer is set up not unlike the boundary layer of the low pressure air on the surface of an airplane wing.  If  there was no boundary layer, it would touch the inside wall and it would be a turbulent flow.  

HUG Turbine Diameter: 300 mm (11.5”) @ 24/7:  60 kWh in 24 hrs

A site of running water can exploit at least 50% of its energy potential:  

Kinetic Energy: =.5 x .07 m2 x(6 m/s)3 x.35 = 2500 W (20.7 Amps): 

300 mm (11.5”) x 17’ (5.2 m long): 20.7 Amps (2.5 kW): in process

600 mm (23.0”) x 17’ (5.2 m long): 41.4 Amps (5 kW): COMING

What can this HUG electric system support?

HUG produces 20.7 amps 24/7 @ 90% efficiency: Day: 14 amps                                                                                                                       Night: 6.7 amps

The Battery Bank can hold an additional 15 amps (1.8 kW) with 6 batteries to 30 amps (3.6 kW) with 12 batteries as a continual back up. Remember the batteries are being recharged by 6.7 amps every night for 8 hours while you sleep if you are not using your washer and dryer at night.

 Battery Bank HUG

The Battery Bank increases your capacity.

The battery bank will absorb all the electricity produced at night, which will double your capacity.

  1. We can use 6 deep cycle batteries (between $80 and $200 each), which cost you up to $1200. This system includes a 24V inverter/charger for $2,500   and battery cables, an in line fuse, a battery rack, and some electrical wire. This will give you 24 V and 150Ah or 6 kW: $5,300 to install or a 12 battery bank of 7.2 kW: $6,500, which provides 3.6 kW at the 50% level.
  2. Deep Battery

Industrial Forklift Batteries 

These are truly top-of-the-line for a remote home.  They are available in single 2-volt cells or trays of 3 cells (6 volts):  15-25+ year life expectancy. They are very costly and extremely heavy: $3,030 US: 36 volt 340 amps to $1,200 for a Reconditioned Forklift battery: 15-25+ year life expectancy

Battery bank

ADD a Back up Gas Generator: 4 KW (33 amps) 7.5 HP: $500-$600

Lead acid types can’t be discharged below 40-50% or their capacity without damaging or ruining them. To avoid this situation, a backup generator is typically incorporated into the system to power the loads during periods of poor weather once the battery has become discharged to 50% of its capacity.

The 2.5 kW HOUSE & the HUG 


Coffee maker

Air Conditioner**



Freezer   19 cu ft

General lighting 

Refrig. Freezer:16’

Satellite Dish

LCD TV 50 -56”

Microwave: 1000W 

Truma Gas Heater 

Washing Machine

Clothes Dryer  gas





25 x 4 fans


60 watt x 8 lights





   850 (hot water)





             2.6 summer


            0.8 summer







           7.0 (night)

           4.0 (night)

           3.3 (night)

           13.2 Daytime

               20.7 Night/Day

To find the number of amps that an appliance uses, divide the number of watts by 120 (voltage).

  • Complemented with a wood stove or enclosed fireplace.
  • ** In the summer, the air conditioner replaces the clothes dryer because clothes are dried outside on a clothes line. The air conditioner only cools the area that is needed.

Yes, you can add an occasional use of a vacuum (200 watts-1.6 amps), a toaster (800 watts-6.6 amps), a hot plate (1200 watts-10 amps), an iron (1000 watts-8.3 amps) a low watt kettle (800 watts-6.6 amps) and a blow dryer (1000 watts-8.3 amps) by using the extra electricity from the Battery Bank and the portable gas generator if necessary.

Usually there is less ice above moving water but we must protect against the moving ice flow in the spring. This problem can be overcome by anchoring and hammering stakes or by using a helical pier system in front of the HUG, which has a trash screen.

 There will be an extra charge for gas used for the gas assisted water heater and clothes dryer. Otherwise, the Daily Cost: FREE  

The Competition

1.       The Portable Gas Generator: carbon emitting, which is smelly, expensive with often empty gas tanks

COST: $17/12 hours: $6,263/year with no subsidy or $550/year with subsidy.  Spending money on expensive gasoline is a thing of the past.
Generator portable HUG

4 KW or 7.5 HP: $250.00 US- $500 US: $1.43/hour @ $1.24/liter: Daily Cost $14/12 hrs:  $6,263/year.

In 2011, the annual average cost of diesel fuel for Northern Ontario was $1.24/liter, i.e., 24% higher than the 2010 average and 74% higher than that in 2001.

2.     The Portable Solar Camping Unit: very low power, only when sun shines: 10% to 12% EffectivePortable Solar HUG

120 W (1 Amp) Portable Solar Camping Unit: $600 US: $5,000/kW

3.   Small Wind Turbines: 15% to 42% effective

The total cost/kW is estimated at $13,414/kW,  which is 5 x more expensive than the HUG. The O&M cost is $335/kW/year x 2.5 kW. The O&M of the HUG (Annual Organization and Management cost) is FREE.

The Portable HUG OPERATING 24/7: 90% effective

               300 mm (11.5”) x 17’: 20.7 Amps (2.5 kW) – 

HUG Vortex

Wholesale: $2,765/kw x 2.5 kw = $6,900   Retail: $10,500              When the HUG system will be ready for delivery, it will be made from the factory, which can only produce  a limited number of Residential HUGs  initially.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               600 mm (23.0”) x 17’: 41.4 Amps (5.0 kW) – COMING…



Current use (kW)


                           HUG                             Remote



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