HUG is a new good, which has never been seen before.



The fish population, traveling in both directions, will not have any environmental impact according to studies done to support the Gorlov Helical Turbine.

Over the past decades, no major breakthroughs have occurred in the basic machinery of utilities. The HUG (Helical Unique Generation) Power System (Patent Pending),  is a new good, which has never been seen before; it substantially deviates from any other good or service produced before.

Environmental Impact
Environmental Impact

Fish migration continues outside of helical turbine modules. In the unusual case where a fish does swim through blades, if a blade were to strike a fish, the impact is very low. Salmon swimming up a waterfall survive ten times the pressure. Moreover, the leading edge of the helical blade is rounded, not sharp. All environmental studies of the helical turbine have revealed that no one has reported any evidence of fish getting chopped up by any of the turbines where they have been installed and operated. In fact, helical turbines create a pressure barrier, which will warn fish to keep away.

By contrast, dams change ecosystems by blocking migration routes and altering water flow and flood cycles. Construction of thousands of fish ladders, which would cost billions can be avoided completely using the Innovative damless HUG Power System.

Today there are many directives, which stipulates that fish obstacles are to be removed even in smaller rivers. In Bavaria alone, there are several thousand existing transverse structures, such as weirs, that will have to be converted.

An environmental assessment of the HUG reveals:

a) It does not require a dam, tidal barrage, embankments, caissons or sluices
b) It is transportable to site
c) It is safe for fish and river life
d) It has low initial capital costs
e) People do not require resettlement to make way for a new lake of a new dam.
f) It can be removable without damage to site
g) It does not create an impediment to aquaculture by reducing the aeration of water
h) It does not create greenhouse gas emissions caused by aerobic growth in reservoir
i) It does not reduce downstream sediment layering
j) It does not require significant elevation change
k) Due to its simplicity the HUG is not limited to where it can be sited
l) It is boat safe
m) It operates without noise
n) It is not limited to few river sites in terms of depth, width, shape, or speed of water
o) It does not require costly high load capacity roads to be built to site
p) It does not have complicated electrical systems requiring expensive and vulnerable seals
q) It can be fabricated of recycled materials, which decreases total life cycle energy costs
r) It has an almost unobservable outline in rapids
s) It does not change the turbidity of the water
t) It does not create pollutant accumulation or salinity.
u) It requires a minimal anchoring system making it quick and cheap to install.
v) There is no cultural property affected.


  • Stage 1   To build a small version of the HUG 
  • Stage 2   HUG Hydro electricity and irrigation in remote areas
  • Stage 3   To capture HUG energy from Run-of-River, Rapids & Waterfalls  
  • Stage 4   To Introduce the HUG Water Transfer System to crisis areas
  • Stage 5   To introduce commercially viable HUG Tidal Energy

More Details:

HUG INNOVATION:  HUG (Helical Unique Generation) is a New Good,

GREEN HYDRO POWER STATIONS The installation of most of very low head sites is technically feasible, but civil works give rise to high costs, resulting to economically enviable projects. To solve this problem, one must design a new machine using a completely different philosophy to equip such sites. The study of current turbines reveals that they were all invented on the basis of a poor understanding of hydrodynamics, and a consequent false premise.

MOBILE HUG: The HUG development is an exciting breakthrough in green energy. Small batches of HUG turbines can be installed with only a short period of 12 to 18 months between investment in the technology and the time when revenue starts to flow: it is modular, relatively easy to install and highly scalable.  

PRE-FABRICATED HUG Standardized pre-fabricated modules should make it possible to order this new product as a “power plant kit” just like ordering from a catalog. The HUG power plant uses standardized parts, so no custom engineering is necessary. A one-size-fits-all pathway could be ordered.

Why is the HUG Frictionless? When we direct the water to flow at its natural mode, it hugs the inner wall. This kind of vortex motion tends to accelerate and contract the stream of water. The less collisions improves the flow, i.e. the better ordered and more dense the flow will be. The net result is that the velocity of the flow in the HUG is four to five times faster than the river velocity.


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