HUG is a new good, which has never been seen before.



Hug Pipeline

Presently no new patents exist to capture energy efficiently from flowing water, small waterfalls or rapids, which in itself, limits fish migration. HUG (Hydro Unique Generation) is an Innovative New Design, which could put clean, river-friendly power within reach of everyone. It produces high energy in remote, “off-the-grid” locations, where there is flowing water. The impact of this discovery is a very high return of investment, because of its low cost and its sustainable energy, which never stops. The HUG is resilient: it can be produced in a small version or a community size energy source.

This Project is ahead of many in the Study of Energy, Irrigation and Water Supply. This invention has a trademark name, HUG. Our Investigation for spiral shaped pipes proves pipeline, which creates a natural vortex, can be almost frictionless.

For Those with a Technical Mind

The Power Density of the competition is designed to capture energy from tides ranges from 2.4 to 6.9 kW/m2. The HUG Power Density is an unbelievable 73.5 kW/m2. The reason for this high Power Density is because power is a function of the cube of the velocity and the HUG velocity is two to four times faster than the competition: KE (Kinetic Energy) = 0.5 x A (area) x V (velocity) 3 x .35 efficiency 


The mission of the company is to be deeply passionate about building and promoting hydroelectric energy, irrigation systems and water transfer systems, and to promote related sustainable social and economic development.
  •  to be the best in hydroelectric and water resource management.
  • to evolve new technology innovative capital projects in hydroelectric and water resources.
  • to pioneer the application of new technology in irrigation, hydroelectric and water transfer systems.
The vision of the corporation: to exploit water and hydro resources as an economic good.
  • be a leading source for innovative technological solutions to irrigation and hydroelectric energy projects.
  • to be a more efficient innovative use of water transfer systems.
  •  be applied with a commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability.
Mobile HUG
Mobile HUG

The Modular Mobile HUGUntitled-6

The total global technical potential of small hydro power is estimated between 150,000 and 200,000 MW.

The HUG cost of $885/kW is unusually low compared to most other hydro electric generation systems: $5,100/kW.  Your can do your own calculations on the Return on Investment:  the Annual Sales would be $79/MWh and there are 365 x 24 hours in a year that produce energy 80% of the time: an investment of $885,000/MW will produce an annual income of $553,632/MW for 40 years — 62.5% ROI every year!


 The Company, HUG ENERGY Inc.Hug Energy

  • We consider ourselves as a “Pioneer Firm”, which is developing new operating principals and products, leaping beyond the market’s hesitation, focusing on innovation in production: electricity creation and water transfer.
  • We use the power of the consortium to align government goals with multinational corporation goals and perform the task of social ombudsman.
  • We act as a responsible NGO, directing charitable and governmental funds to actual projects – and not just studies of needs.
  • We develop our own innovation center in order to concentrate on developing our innovations and processes.

 Albert Einstein said, “The problems in the world today are so enormous that they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them.“ What is really required is global thinking for most mega projects.”

What is the Definition and Impact of a Breakpoint?

It is a change, which is sudden and radical, i.e., rapid and fundamental in nature: it breaks the rules of competition, which in turn, makes recent experience useless.

In today’s world, manufacturers need to invest significant resources in research and development to meet technology advance and market competition. Yet, no matter how well endowed a company may be in other capabilities, competences, or resources, it cannot possibly create a Breakpoint in its industry, except by chance.

In general, many companies only rarely do they create a competitive Breakpoint; they have difficulty seeing or anticipating the Breakpoint. Hence, they fail to react to it or exploit it.

Unless a company is prepared for the eventuality of a Breakpoint, it may not have the time to acquire the competence needed to adjust. In fact, when reacting as a latecomer to shifts in the industry environment, managers do not have much influence over the forces of change.

So, anticipation gives a company the opportunity to its advantage. The first competitor to see and act on an opportunity becomes the change agent that embodies the force of change in the industry.

New technology is by far the most important stimulator of output trends. It opens up new and different market segments. It gives rise to a cluster of new industries, which provide the engine for long-term growth. It is often accompanied by a swarm of entrepreneurs.

 We know how conservative corporate executives can be. They think in terms of  5% to 8% growth. They would not even imagine anything more profitable.

Imagine if you knew ahead about the innovative Breakpoint of Apple Corporation and you invested in that company. Your profits would not have just doubled, but it would have multiplied by 180 times and your investment of $5,555 would have made you a Millionaire. In fact, Apple’s market value passed the $700 billion mark, a level that no other U.S. company has ever reached: confidence grew when they released their larger -screened IPhones followed by their slimmer and faster iPads.

Apple stock history

Apple stock history


  • Stage 1   To build a small version of the HUG   
  • Stage 2   HUG Hydro electricity and irrigation in remote areas      
  • Stage 3   To capture HUG energy from  Rapids & Waterfalls    
  • Stage 4  Introduce HUG Water Transfer Systems to crisis areas
  • Stage 5   To introduce commercially viable HUG Tidal Energy

More Details:

HUG INNOVATION:  HUG (Helical Unique Generation) is a New Good.

GREEN HYDRO POWER STATIONS The installation of most of very low head sites is technically feasible, but civil works give rise to high costs, resulting to economically enviable projects. To solve this problem, one must design a new machine using a completely different philosophy to equip such sites. The study of current turbines reveals that they were all invented on the basis of a poor understanding of hydrodynamics, and a consequent false premise.

MOBILE HUG: The HUG development is an exciting breakthrough in green energy. Small batches of HUG turbines can be installed with only a short period of 12 to 18 months between investment in the technology and the time when revenue starts to flow: it is modular, relatively easy to install and highly scalable.  

PRE-FABRICATED HUG Standardized pre-fabricated modules should make it possible to order this new product as a “power plant kit” just like ordering from a catalog. The HUG power plant uses standardized parts, so no custom engineering is necessary. A one-size-fits-all pathway could be ordered.

Why is the HUG Frictionless? When we direct the water to flow at its natural mode, it hugs the inner wall. This kind of vortex motion tends to accelerate and contract the stream of water. The less collisions improves the flow, i.e. the better ordered and more dense the flow will be. The net result is that the velocity of the flow in the HUG is four to five times faster than the river velocity.




New Trees are the only solution to soaking up Carbon Dioxide:

Tree Growth

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