HUG is a new good, which has never been seen before.


  • The Kinetic Power of Rapids
    This large Ottawa River reservoir of rapids can add 70 MW power without impacting on  the environment. The Kipawa  community, would benefit from its kinetic power of rapids. Thi […]

  • HUG Wave Energy
    Here is the SECRET! The HUG  Wave Energy innovation adds over three times the increase of velocity created from its vortex. The turbine’s power is proportional to the cube of its average velo […]

  • 65 MW is a Huge Potential!
    This hydro power is possible because the water is traveling at 26 mph at the foot of waterfall.

    Jeongbang Waterfall in South Korea:  23 m (75 ft) high […]

  •  Let us be a First Mover
    What must be done to create new products, enhance market penetration, lock in customers and lower operational costs?
    Often the risk and the costs associated with achieving competitive […]


    There are many applications or spin-offs of this new invention, which are named by their function:

    The Funnel HUG, used in ‘Run-of-River’ (Run-of-River HUG), and in a waterfall (Waterfall […]

  • Large hydro power projects are a false solution to climate change.
    They should be kept out from national and international climate funding for the following reasons:

    Particularly in tropical regions, hydro […]

    The carbon tax will embed the social costs of carbon emissions  in proportion to its carbon content. Carbon tax in Alberta will be $20/ton initially, then to $ […]

  • The oil crash at the end of last year shows us that United States and Canada has to rethink its approach.

    Canada may have other resources to fall back on as part of our diversification, yet Canada is now coun […]


    The U.S. Southwest and Central Plains regions are likely to be scorched by a decades-long “mega drought” in the second half of this century if climate change continues unabated, […]

  • HUG (Helical Unique Generation) is a New Good, which has never been seen before; it substantially deviates from any other good or service produced before. Over the past decades, no major breakthroughs have […]

  • HUG is a Patented Energy System that will literally change the face of our world as we know.
    The Canadian Investor Program is Reopening in August, 2015!  Canreach Immigration Link
    Becoming a Canadian Ci […]


    Allow us to introduce hydrogen electrolysis. Because hydrogen is a clean universal fuel that can be used to power buses, trucks, cars, planes, trains,  boats and ships. There is no c […]


     Stage 1   To capture energy from Run-of-River, Rapids and Waterfalls with the HUG 
     Stage 2   To introduce a smaller version of the HUG: for Fish and Hunting Camps                  […]


     We can start an aboriginal renewal under the Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program for the HUG. Aboriginal communities will be eligible for loan guarantees for assistance of up to 85% of t […]

  • The Great Lakes and the HUG System
     The water level behind the Otto Holden Hydro Dam on the Ottawa River can be maintained at 179.5 m above sea level, while the water level in Lake Huron is 176.5 m. This […]

  • Decommissioned Dams

    Dam removal is the process of removing out-dated, dangerous, or ecologically damaging dams from river systems. There are thousands of out-dated dams in the United States that were […]

  • The Vortex Power of Water

    The velocity of the flow inside the Innovative HUG System increases 4x, thereby introducing a sucking action which scientist call a Negative Pressure which contributes to the Vortex […]


    The Bay of Fundy, (40‘ high), which is the site of the highest tide in the world, is shaped like a horn, which was developed by helical waves over millions of years. It is the same sh […]

  • How  Proposed Water Transfer Works 

    A spiraling pipeline allows the transfer of water to travel two to three times faster, abet longer distances: water prefers to travel in a whirlpool fashion rather than a […]

  • Water Transfer Technology in Africa
    HUG is a patented water transfer system that will literally change the face of our world as we know it, especially in Africa. Imagine new fresh water delivered over 1000 km in […]

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