•  Stage 1   To capture energy from Run-of-River, Rapids and Waterfalls with the HUG 
  •  Stage 2   To introduce a smaller version of the HUG: for Fish and Hunting Camps                            
  •  Stage 3   HUG Hydro electricity and irrigation in remote areas: to support work in  South America and Africa.   
  • Stage 4   To Introduce the HUG Water Transfer System to crisis area
  • Stage 5   To introduce commercially viable HUG Tidal Energy

River hydrokinetic energy has great potential, but it is still very much in the developmental stage.

‘Run-of-River’ Innovation

The usual ‘Run-of-River’ hydroelectric facilities could be improved by more than 300% by using the HUG system, because it maximizes the kinetic energy. One must harness the natural serpentine flow instead of the straight pipes leading to the bottom  of a Run-of-River turbine.Slide29

  1. Redirecting water flow to ‘Run-of-River’,  funnels into an innovative HUG, which requires no dam and uses the Power of the Vortex.
  2. Presently no patents exist, which are commercially viable, to capture energy from rapids or rivers without a dam.
  3. Canada has tremendous potential for small hydro development with more than 5500 identified sites (11,000 MW), which require no dams or barrages.
  4. The global technical potential of small hydro power is estimated between 150,000 and 200,000 MW.


Fitzsimmons Creek Run-of-River: Reanalysis


Most inventions are not usually new: this new HUG (Helical Unique Generation) invention is a combination of two inventions: the Gorlov helical turbine (1992), which is the child of the Darrieus turbine (1926), and vortex technology, developed by Dr. Viktor Schauberger (1929). A vortex pathway into which oval twin helical turbines are placed creates a marriage of these two inventions.

The new damless development of a submerged helical pathway is capable of extracting high energy from low head sites at very low cost because of a physics phenomenon, called repulsion energy. Water reduces resistance by curving more and more inwards thereby avoiding the friction along the inside lining of a straight pipeline. Think of the water that leaves your bathtub; give it a twirl and see what happens.

When we direct the water to flow at its natural mode, it hugs the inner wall. This kind of vortex motion tends to accelerate and contract the stream of water. The less collisions improves the flow, i.e. the better ordered and more dense the flow will be. The velocity of the flow in the HUG is four to five times faster than the river velocity or the waterfall.

Hydro Chaudiere Falls
Velocity is King!


Let us compare with a Run-of-River System, which is also possible: 

At Fitzsimmons Creek there is a 250-meter elevation change (what’s called head) and the pipe travels 3.5 kilometers downhill from where it’s diverted to the powerhouse. When the water in the pipe finally gets to the powerhouse the water is at an average of 2.46 m3 per sec.

The Penstock consists of: Low Pressure Conduit – up to 10 m of pressure head.

  • 2 km of 1.4 m diameter HDPE at a 0.5% gradient: 1.6 m/sec Velocity: 2.84 MW
  • 4 km of 1.2 m diameter at a 5 to 62% gradient at 350 psi: 2.18 m/sec Velocity: 5 MW

Velocity: (2.46 m3 per sec. / Area of Pipe at 1.2 m radius of 1.13m2)= 2.46/1.13 = 2.18 m/sec

Comparing the both systems, the critical factor is the Velocity of the flow. It is possible to more than double the Velocity of the HUG from 2.18 m/sec to 4.36 m/sec because of the Physics Principle of the Vortex.

Using the above formula for Kinetic Energy:

  • Kinetic Energy of Run-of-River = 0.5 x (Area) 1.13 m 2 x (Velocity 3) ( 2.18 m/sec)3 x 85% Peloton Efficiency: 5 MW
  • 1 to 3 HUGs Kinetic Energy = 0.5 x 1.13 m 2 x (Velocity 3) ( 4.36 m/sec)3 x 35% Efficiency: 4 MW x 3 = 4 MW to 12 MW depending on the height of the river.
  • 1 to 3 HUGs Kinetic Energy = 0.5 x 0.565 m 2 x (Velocity 3) ( 4.36 m/sec)3 x 35% Efficiency: 2 MW x 3 = 2 MW to 6 MW
  • for a total range of 6 MW to 18 MW

Total Capital Cost of Run-of-River: $33,162,000 & the Annual Gross Revenue is $ 2,800,000: ROI: 8.44%

  • At  5 MW net x 7008 hrs (80% of time): 35,000,000 kWh @ $0.95/kWh for 2,000 homes
  • HUGMW  to 18 MW x 7008 hrs (80%): 42,000,000 kWh to 126,000,000 kWh @ $0.048/kWh for 2,400 to 7,200 homes.

An agreement with ecoENERGY for Renewable Power Program has an incentive of $0.01/kWh ($560,000/year) of electricity produced over the first ten years: $0.038/kWh.

By comparison, the HUG Funnel System at the Chaudiere Falls is that the height is 11 m, unlike the run-of-river system, which has a gross head of 250 m


 HUG Total Capital Cost is $1,286,000 & the Annual Revenue of 6 MW to 18 MW is $ 3,360,000 to $10,080,000.

The Annual Return on Investment: 260% at the minimum output  ($0.017/kWh$0.01/kWh Grant): $0.007/kWh. 

Let us Work Backwards

 The Annual Revenue of an average of the low and high estimates with a leaning toward a low average is $6,000,000 annually. A 20% Return on Investment translates into an equity value of $30,000,000. 

Sustainable Development Technology Canada: Our own investment is $150,000 with a further $500,000 from a 70% grant will build the first prototype= $650,000. 

Aboriginal Economic Development Fund: Our own investment is $150,000 with a further $1,275,000 from a 85% grant will build the first prototype= $1,500,000. We would best consider a similar project on the St. Charles River on the Wendake Reservation, located close to Quebec City.

Wendake Hydro Electric Inc.

Alternatively, this $3,000,000 total guarantee will  mean a guarantee of $450,000 with the remaining $2,550,000 coming from the 85% grant for the new Wendake Hydro Electric Inc.

Remember, this is only a guarantee in order to cover any unforeseen costs. Our original estimates for the total costs are closer to a total of $1,500,000 — not $4,300,000.

A 50% partner will earn $3,000,000 annually for a guarantee of $450,000 less our $150,000 investment or a guarantee of $300,000.  The more probable  investment would be only $75,000 to build a $1,500,000 prototype.  This scenario doesn’t stop here. The new Hydro Electric company can begin to expand its business to other remote aboriginal communities with the same income potential annually.

There is a minimum of 10% cash equity, which means that the $75,000 investment may be cash-in-kind.  

Imagine: a $75,000 investment earns $3,000,000 every year for the next 30 years.

The Bad News:

The Innovation and Knowledge Fund provides $ 2,500,000 per territory. For community-owned businesses, assistance can vary but can be up to $250,000 to be added to our $150,000.  This means that the total equity raised would have to be another million dollars.  We believe that the directors of this fund will make an exception to their usual ratios and limits because of the unusual opportunities to make a difference in other remote aboriginal communities.

Alternatively, the Sustainable Development Technology Canada offers a 70% grant to build the first $1,500,000 prototype= $1,050,000 grant plus our $150,000, which  translates into a $300,000 Wendake investment.

HUG Energy Inc.

The total number of shares of stock of all classes which the Corporation has authority to issue is 6,600,000 shares, divided into 600,000 shares of 7.5% Series Cumulative Callable Preferred Stock, $100 par value per share, and 6,000,000 shares of Common Stock, $1.00 par value per share.  The aggregate par value of all shares of all classes is $66,000,000.

An offering of 10% or 600,000 common shares is available for $1,300,000 to a vendor/shareholder who will receive an operating prototype producing 11 MW and earning $6,000,000 every year for the next 30 years (ROI: 480%). The vendor-investor maintains control of his or her investment and has entire ownership of the 11 MW HUG System (7,700,000 kWh) The company, in turn, will have a prototype from which it can launch the licensing of the HUG internationally.


HUG INNOVATION:  HUG (Helical Unique Generation) is a New Good.

GREEN HYDRO POWER STATIONS The installation of most of very low head sites is technically feasible, but civil works give rise to high costs, resulting to economically enviable projects. To solve this problem, one must design a new machine using a completely different philosophy to equip such sites. The study of current turbines reveals that they were all invented on the basis of a poor understanding of hydrodynamics, and a consequent false premise.

MOBILE HUG: The HUG development is an exciting breakthrough in green energy. Small batches of HUG turbines can be installed with only a short period of 12 to 18 months between investment in the technology and the time when revenue starts to flow: it is modular, relatively easy to install and highly scalable.  

PRE-FABRICATED HUG Standardized pre-fabricated modules should make it possible to order this new product as a “power plant kit” just like ordering from a catalog. The HUG power plant uses standardized parts, so no custom engineering is necessary. A one-size-fits-all pathway could be ordered.

Why is the HUG Frictionless? When we direct the water to flow at its natural mode, it hugs the inner wall. This kind of vortex motion tends to accelerate and contract the stream of water. The less collisions improves the flow, i.e. the better ordered and more dense the flow will be. The net result is that the velocity of the flow in the HUG is four to five times faster than the river velocity.

RING of FIRE The Ring of Fire Potential will come down to one factor, which will make or break any prospects: Hydro Electricity. Enter the HUG!

LABRADOR ENERGY POTENTIAL  Any new technology leads to new growth opportunities: HUG is a Patented Energy System that will literally change the face of our world as we know it.

HUG HYDRO ELECTRICITY  We have developed the Proprietary HUG, which can become the power of future technology — the vortex power of water, which increases the velocity of the flow in HUGs by four times:



New Trees are the only solution to soaking up Carbon Dioxide:

Tree Growth

AFRICA RENEWED supported by:

  1. Hug Energy: HugEnergy.us
  2. A Rabbit and Fish Farm: AfriCAPITALISM.us
  3. An Agroforestry Intercrop System: LivingWaterIs.com
  4. The Charitable Arm: SunnyUp.net
  5. God’s Loveletters:  Godloveletters.com
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