Extracting Tidal Energy TIDAL HUG
Extracting Tidal Energy

The Bay of Fundy, (40‘ high), which is the site of the highest tide in the world, is shaped like a horn, which was developed by helical waves over millions of years. It is the same shape found at Anchorage, Alaska (27′ high), because they were created by the same energy of helical waves. The wave of this system causes the water to increase its speed as it is deflected at each turn. The narrowest point of the Inlet at Anchorage, Alaska has mid-channel speeds up to six knots with an average of 3.8 knots that produce amazing tidal power.

letete Passage Fundy

In the Bay of Fundy, it was estimated that extracting the maximum of 7 gigawatts (7,000MW) of power from the Minas Passage:Midas Passage Fundy Midas Passage Fundy3

Eight potential project sites were identified in Nova Scotia that have both flood and ebb peak tidal current surface velocities averaging at least 1.5 m/sec (3 knots). The mean extractable power (15% of the mean total depth-averaged power) at each of these sites is indicated below:

(1) Cumberland Basin – 6.5 MW

(2) Minas Channel – 131 MW

(3) Minas Passage – 166 MW

(4) Cobequid Bay – 6.3 MW

(5) Digby Gut – 4.9 MW Could be set up as an ebb tide system

(6) Petit Passage – 9.2 MW

(7) Grand Passage – 6.6 MW

(8) Great Bras d’Or Channel – 1.4 MW Could be set up as an ebb tide system

The very efficient, mostly propeller type hydraulic turbines developed for high river dams are inefficient, complicated and very expensive for low-head tidal power application.

REMEMBER: The threshold for economic viability is possible in tidal currents with velocities over 3.1 m/s (6 knots). Most of the ocean currents have a velocity of 1.5 to 2.5 m/s (the California Current is under 0.5 m/s): that is why there has never been a successful commercial ocean current power system.

Extracting Tidal Energy

Extracting Tidal Energy

The final velocity is 4 times in an Innovative HUG System: a higher velocity of 7.7 m/s.

Kinetic Energy (KE)½ × A × V ³ x efficiency (A = area swept; Velocity)

   Competition KE= .5 x 3.0 m² x (2.5 m/s) ³ x .20 = 5 kW/turbine (Propeller turbines are less efficient than helical turbines.)

  • The most critical factor is the Velocity of the flow.
  • A tripling of the Velocity from 2.5 m/s multiplies the Kinetic Energy (KE), by the formula:

   HUG KE = .5 x 3.0 m² x (7.2 m/s) ³ x .30 = 180 kW/turbine: 36 x more efficient (The lowest velocity in the Midas Passage is 4 m/s)  

Small changes in velocity can greatly alter Power Density.

Extracting Tidal Energy

   Country Velocity Area Mean tidal range (m) Basin area (km²) Installed capacity (MW) Approx. annual output (TWh/yr. Annual plant load factor (%)
Argentina San José 5.8 778 5 040 9.4 21
    1.0 m/s Golfo Nuevo 3.7 2 376 6 570 16.8 29
  Rio Deseado 3.6 73 180 0.45 28
  Santa Cruz 7.5 222 2 420 6.1 29
  Rio Gallegos 7.5 177 1 900 4.8 29
Australia Secure Bay (Derby) 7.0 140 1 480 2.9 22
  Walcott Inlet 7.0 260 2 800 5.4 22
Canada Cobequid 12.4 240 5 338 14.0 30
  Cumberland 10.9 90 1 400 3.4 28
  Shepody 10.0 115 1 800 4.8 30
India Gulf of Kutch 5.0 170 900 1.6 22
  Gulf of Khambat 7.0 1 970 7 000 15.0 24
Korea (Rep.) Garolim 4.7 100 400 0.836 24
 6.0 m/s
Cheonsu 4.5 1.2
Mexico Rio Colorado 6-7 5.4
UK Severn 7.0 520 8 640 17.0 23
  Mersey 6.5 61 700 1.4 23
  Duddon 5.6 20 100 0.212 22
  Wyre 6.0 5.8 64 0.131 24
  Conwy 5.2 5.5 33 0.060 21
USA Pasamaquoddy 5.5
  Knik Arm 7.5 2 900 7.4 29
  Turnagain Arm 7.5 6 500 16.6 29
Russian Fed. Mezen 6.7 2 640 15 000 45 34
  Tugur 6.8 1 080 7 800 16.2 24
  Penzhinsk 11.4 20 530 87 400 190 25

 Courtesy of World Energy Council


  •  Stage 1   To capture energy from Run-of-River, Rapids and Waterfalls with the HUG 
  •  Stage 2   To introduce a smaller version of the HUG: for Fish and Hunting Camps                            
  •  Stage 3   HUG Hydro electricity and irrigation in remote areas: to support work in Africa.   
  • Stage 4   To Introduce the HUG Water Transfer System to crisis area
  • Stage 5   To introduce commercially viable HUG Tidal Energy

More Details:



HUG INNOVATION:  HUG (Helical Unique Generation) is a New Good.

GREEN HYDRO POWER STATIONS The installation of most of very low head sites is technically feasible, but civil works give rise to high costs, resulting to economically enviable projects. To solve this problem, one must design a new machine using a completely different philosophy to equip such sites. The study of current turbines reveals that they were all invented on the basis of a poor understanding of hydrodynamics, and a consequent false premise.

MOBILE HUG: The HUG development is an exciting breakthrough in green energy. Small batches of HUG turbines can be installed with only a short period of 12 to 18 months between investment in the technology and the time when revenue starts to flow: it is modular, relatively easy to install and highly scalable.  

PRE-FABRICATED HUG Standardized pre-fabricated modules should make it possible to order this new product as a “power plant kit” just like ordering from a catalog. The HUG power plant uses standardized parts, so no custom engineering is necessary. A one-size-fits-all pathway could be ordered.

Why is the HUG Frictionless? When we direct the water to flow at its natural mode, it hugs the inner wall. This kind of vortex motion tends to accelerate and contract the stream of water. The less collisions improves the flow, i.e. the better ordered and more dense the flow will be. The net result is that the velocity of the flow in the HUG is four to five times faster than the river velocity.

RING of FIRE The Ring of Fire Potential will come down to one factor, which will make or break any prospects: Hydro Electricity. Enter the HUG!

LABRADOR ENERGY POTENTIAL  Any new technology leads to new growth opportunities: HUG is a Patented Energy System that will literally change the face of our world as we know it.



New Trees are the only solution to soaking up Carbon Dioxide:

Tree Growth

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