HUG is a new good, which has never been seen before.



This concentrated power within the spiraling pathway of the Innovative HUG Power System can become the power of future technology — the vortex power of water, which increases the velocity of the flow in HUGs by four times:

HUG Velocity is KING!
HUG vortex power

The Helical Pathway System (Patent Pending), which has been named HUG, our registered trademark is a new good in the utilities marketplace.

Presently no patents exist to capture energy commercially from fast moving rivers. All the turbines in the competing pilot projects act as obstacles to the flow, or create a positive pressure, so that the flow is partially diverted away from the turbines. This is the reason for the low efficiency. The Power Density of the competition is designed to capture energy from tides ranges from 2.4 to 6.9 kW/m2.

The HUG Power Density is an unbelievable 73.5 kW/m2. The reason for this high Power Density is because power is a function of the cube of the velocity and the HUG velocity is four to five times faster than the competition. The flow is attracted to the HUG because of negative pressure: a sucking action caused by the high velocity inside the HUG.

More Details:

HUG INNOVATION:  HUG (Helical Unique Generation) is a New Good,

Why is the HUG Frictionless? When we direct the water to flow at its natural mode, it hugs the inner wall. This kind of vortex motion tends to accelerate and contract the stream of water. The less collisions improves the flow, i.e. the better ordered and more dense the flow will be. The net result is that the velocity of the flow in the HUG is four to five times faster than the river velocity.

GREEN HYDRO POWER STATIONS The installation of most of very low head sites is technically feasible, but civil works give rise to high costs, resulting to economically enviable projects. To solve this problem, one must design a new machine using a completely different philosophy to equip such sites. The study of current turbines reveals that they were all invented on the basis of a poor understanding of hydrodynamics, and a consequent false premise.

HUG WATER TRANSFER  A spiraling pipeline allows the transfer of water to travel two to three times faster, abet longer distances, because of the physics of the vortex: water prefers to travel in a whirlpool fashion rather than a turbulent straight line.

AFRICAN WATER TRANSFERS PROTECTED HUG is a patented water transfer system that will literally change the face of our world as we know it. 

European Fresh Water Transfer PROTECTED Imagine new fresh water delivered over 1000 km in a HUG ocean pipeline.

GREAT LAKES REVIVAL PROTECTED There was a time when the thought of transporting oil across the ocean seemed silly, too.

NEW FRESH WATER FOR MID WEST PROTECTED The James Bay Water Basin is one of the only basin in North America with water to spare. Without this new source of fresh water, there will be no more cheap water available.


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